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  • Fire Alarm System - UL / EN / Conventional
  • Gas Suppression System - Sinorix / HFC 227
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Fire safety today requires a comprehensive understanding of safety needs and innovative solutions. Siemens as a leading international provider of fire safety technology, have learned how fires work. This knowledge has contributed to the development of our high-quality fire safety products, systems, and solutions.
Incorporated in a concept tailored to your requirements, they provide unique protection:

  • Early and reliable fire detection
  • Clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes
  • Intelligent extinguishing tailored to each room's requirements

All of these elements are at the core of a comprehensive fire safety solution. Only if all of them are present can you be assured that the people in your building are safe and your assets and business processes are protected.

Addressable Fire alarm system - Cerberus PRO

With the fire safety system Cerberus PRO, you can meet any application with confidence. The fire safety system excels through fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling, and control. That means for you: maximum safety and optimal protection of people and assets.

  • Fire control panels - they combine high security standards with latest technology
  • Fire detectors - they ensure very fast and highly reliable detection thanks to intelligent detection technology
  • Peripheral devices - they increase safety even further
  • Special detectors - they cover applications from hazardous areas to high bay warehousing

Cerberus systems are UL listed and EN54 approved.

Sinorix - intelligent extinguishing solutions

A perfect fire protection solution requires technology and expertise. SinorixTM intelligent extinguishing solutions, offer you the latest technologies based on long-term know-how and experience in fire detection and extinguishing from a global partner. The solutions are tailored to your individual needs to maximize business continuity. Fires are detected early and extinguished quickly and reliably. Sinorix high-quality solutions protect people, environment, processes, and assets.

Sinorix 227 - automated extinguishing solution based on extinguishing agent HFC 227ea

Sinorix 1230 - automated extinguishing solution based on chemical agent Novec 1230

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