IBMS Project

Fire Detection and Alarm System

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to detect smoke / fire in closed environment (Buildings) to prevent loss of Human life and property. The system consists of main/repeater fire alarm control panel, smoke/heat detectors, visual/audible strobes and manual call points are integral components of the system. The following systems can be interconnected to the Fire Alarm System:

  • Fire dampers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Staircase / Lift well pressurization fans
  • Smoke extraction fans
  • Public Address System
  • Fire suppression systems (For data centers)
  • Fire fighting systems


Access Control

Access control systems helps companies to control the access to their buildings or certain areas from Un-authorised people. This includes preventing access, monitoring access and responding to illegal entry. The system can be also used for maintaining time attendance of employees. Depending upon project requirements, Access control system can be either standalone / Networkable. The system can use different readers (Proximity / Smart / Biometric)for granting access depending upon requirement.

Video Surveillance

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television - has become a prime tool in modern security systems. In the past few decades, technological advances have made video monitoring systems much more effective for security and much more affordable.
The most basic CCTV system consists of a:

  • Camera (imaging device)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Monitor

Fire Fighting & Suppression systems

Based upon the project requirement and local fire department rules, the Sprinkler System is designed in buildings. The Sprinkler system consists with sprinkler head with quartzoid bulb, control valves, flow and tampers switches at suitable locations. Sprinkler system is activated either by control module of the fire alarm system or sprinkler head with quartzoid bulb.
The Fire suppression systems (FM-200 / Novec) can be used for critical areas like Server room & Data Center.

Building Automation

Building Management system (BMS) is designed to monitor & control HVAC systems (AHUs, Chiller, CHW Pumps & CDW Pumps etc.), Electrical, Fire protection and other building services. BMS helps in reduction of energy usage of HVAC systems which are the largest consumer of electrical energy and account for 50-60% of the total electricity bill. Building automation systems also provides critical information for energy management strategies to be implemented.
BMS works on an open platform, providing the capabilities to integrate with third party systems. The details of the open protocols available and supported are increasing. BACnet, Lon, Modbus, OPC and M-Bus are prevalent open protocols.

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